Machine Eye | Intelligent Safety

Patent pending GB 1815107.6

Intelligent Safety

Machine Eye is an award winning innovative new safety device for use on Tractors, Plant and Heavy Machinery. Machine Eye provides protection against accidents involving machinery for operators, bystanders and everybody on the farm.

Farming is one of our most important industries, but also our most dangerous. Powerful machines, long days and lone working often create environments that are dangerous for operators and others alike. Incidents involving accidental contact with Machinery are all but too common on farms across the country. Where operators work close to active machines, Machine Eye provides an active, intelligent solution, that provides dynamic demarkation around the machine; augments and enhances the operators situational awareness; and ultimately, provides a safe environment around that machine for all involved. Machine Eye views the future. When an accident is imminent, Machine Eye automaticly takes control, pre-emptively isolating or halting the machine, to remove the risk.

Protecting operators. Protecting families. Protecting livelihoods

Machine Eye provides advanced situational awareness. Invisible when you don’t need it… there when you do.

Working with you. Working for you.

Machine Eye replaces conventional spotlights with an intelligent worklight. Conforming to the same form factor and aesthetics, Machine Eye provides a high performance LED based worklight, with a bespokely designed and fully integrated sensor package.

The system integrates electronically to the tractor, operating in the same manner as a conventional light, but with added safety functionality. It ensures your safety, and the safety of all those around the machine at all times. It works with you, augmenting your own situtational awareness through the day. Through the Machine Interface the system provides protection around the PTO, and rear of the Machine when required. Should an incident of collision or entanglement be deemed imminent, the system can alert, and subsequently take automatic control of the tractor to isolate the PTO, or halt the tractor as nessecary.

Fully automatic protection, with no operator intervention.

A safe work environment should not be dependant upon cost. Machine Eye provides affordable protection, for everyone from the largest contractor, to the smallest farmer. Simple.

Machine Eye is revoluntionary, award winning, and the future of Safety.

Integrated. Invisible. Invaluable